Promoting a Job with NASW-WY

Trying to get the word out about a position at your organization? We are here to help! NASW-WY provides a job promotion service that reaches our members and gets the word out about your opportunities.

What do I get if I post a job with NASW-WY?

When you promote a job with NASW-WY, we will post on our Job Board Page your job title and description (100 words max) and include a link to your organization website. In addition, we will send a unique email directly to our 260+ members and include the same information.  We know this helps with getting the “word out” about your position as between 40-50% of these emails are opened by NASW members!

How much does it cost?

We charge $50.00 per month for each job listing. Currently we accept a Mailed Check.

How do I submit a job for posting?

Fill out the form below and provide the needed information for us to begin to process your request. You will be contacted by NASW-WY after completing the form with final payment details.

If you have any questions please reach out at